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The first point to cover is, what is a WAV?  Well, the term WAV is an acronym used for a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. A Wheelchair accessible Vehicle or WAV for short is a traditional vehicle that has been adapted by a specialist company for the purpose of allowing a wheelchair user to access the vehicle and remain in their wheelchair safely while the vehicle is moving.

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Should you have any questions about one of our used WAV cars or have a general question regarding a wheelchair accessible vehicle then please do not hesitate to contact us. 01934 820077 or Contact Us online.

You can also via an appointment visit us at our showroom in Banwell on the outskirts of Weston super Mare, North Somerset. BS29 6HA. Where we would be happy to show you around our current stock and demonstrate any of the vehicle features.

Why do I need a WAV Car?

If you or someone you know uses a wheelchair and find it difficult or impossible even with assistance to transfer from their wheelchair to a standard car seat, then a WAV could be the solution. These purpose-built vehicles are designed around the wheelchair user making access into a vehicle more straightforward.

Are all WAV cars the same?

Since WAV cars are based on standard vehicles that have been adapted there are a range of different makes and model to choose from although many are based on MPV style vehicles. With each make and model these can then be split into three main WAV categories listed below. However, it is worth noting that not every type of WAV is available with every make and model.

Rear Wheelchair Passenger / Upfront Traveller – which is best?

Rear Wheelchair Passenger. This type of WAV is the most common and the wheelchair passenger is positioned behind the front seats. Wheelchair access into the vehicle is usually at the rear via either a ramp or lift.

Wheelchair Passenger Upfront. As the name suggested in this type of WAV the wheelchair passenger sits in the front of the vehicle

alongside the driver. Like the rear wheelchair passenger wav access into the vehicle is usually at the rear via either a ramp or lift.

Drive From Wheelchair. Very similar to the Wheelchair passenger upfront but with this design the vehicle has been adapted to allow the wheelchair user to drive the vehicle. This is either achieved by wheelchair transfer to the driver’s seat from inside the vehicle or by a special wheelchair anchoring system that locks the wheelchair in place behind the steering wheel.

Used wav vehicles for sale Weston super Mare, Bristol and Bath, Somerset.

If you are looking to buy a used wav car then check out the WAV CARS FOR SALE for a full local list. We are based in the small village of Banwell on the outskirts of Weston super mare and specialize in the sale of used wav cars. Most the wav cars we sell are ex motability vehicles that are low mileage with a full main dealer service history. We accept any vehicle on part exchange and can even arrange delivery to your door.

Why Buy a Used WAV car from Michael Harraway Cars?

At Michael Harraway Cars we take great pride in the quality and preparation of every car we sell. No car will leave our premises unless we are 100% satisfied with it. To ensure that every vehicle reaches our meticulous standards prior to sale we place all our vehicles through a comprehensive multi point pre delivery inspecting and road test that includes all the wheelchair adaptions. So, you can be confident that your new vehicle will perform as you would expect.

Pre-Delivery Multi Point Inspection Minimum Standards Key points.

  • All wheelchair adaptions checked.
  • Any tyre under 3.5mm of tread will be replaced excluding spare. The legal limit is 1.6mm
  • Engine Oil and Filter replaced if last change exceeds 3,000 miles or 6 Months.
  • Minimum 9 Months MOT
  • Timing and Belt and water pump replaced if due within the next 12 months or 10,000 miles.
  • Every vehicle will be supplied with 2 x keys.

In additional to the pre delivery inspection every vehicle receives a professional interior and exterior valet so every used car we sell not only performs well but looks to too.

Fiat Qubo WAV Car Wheelchair YY67 UAH