8 MPH Mobility Scooter Vehicle

So when you hear the words Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, or WAV as it is often shortened to, you might think of a vehicle that is designed purely for wheelchair users. Well, just because it is called a wheelchair accessible vehicle it doesn’t mean it cannot be used for other purposes. Having sold WAV vehicles for many years I have sold them to customers who use them for multiple different reasons such as carrying push bikes, pets, and fishing equipment to name but a few but the most common reason is to transport mobility scooters. 

8 MPH Mobility Scooter Vehicle Bristol Bath Somerset Devon UK

Perfect vehicles for carrying a Mobility Scooter. 

A wheelchair accessible vehicle is an ideal vehicle to transport a mobility scooter for a few reasons. Firstly because a wheelchair accessible vehicle has a rear fold down ramp, this makes the loading and unloading of the scooter super easy.  Ask anyone who owns a mobility scooter, and they will tell you how heavy and awkward these can be trying to get them into the boot of your car.  With a Wheelchair accessible vehicle, simply fold down the ramp then drive or push the scooter in and off you go.  Secondly because a wheelchair accessible vehicle has a large internal area that offers sufficient room for a variety of different model mobility scooters.

Carrying a Mobility Scooter in a Peugeot Partner or Peugeot Rifter WAV.

Probably the most popular wheelchair accessible vehicles on the road are either a Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner or recently a Peugeot Rifter. These vehicles are an ideal size for many as their overall footprint of them is similar in size to a Ford Focus Hatchback making them easy to drive and park. So far then this seems like the ideal vehicle to transport your Mobility scooter in, and yes if you own a 4 mph then this will fit in comfortably with space to spare. Where the problem occurs is when you own or are looking to buy an 8 mph mobility scooter. These 8 mph mobility scooters are much bigger and therefore might not fit leaving you two options. Option one, buy a larger vehicle which most people prefer not to do or option two find an 8-mph scooter that will fit into a wheelchair accessible Citroen Berlingo, Peugeot Partner or Peugeot Rifter.

Will an 8 MPH Mobility Scooter will fit in a Peugeot Partner or Peugeot Rifter?

This week a customer came to see us asking us this very question. They had been referred to us by Wilmott Mobility a local mobility shop where they had seen a very nice 8 mph mobility scooter called a Rascal Vecta Sport Compact made by Electric Mobility that they were looking to purchase. The customer explained that they wanted a wheelchair accessible vehicle that they could transport the mobility scooter in, and they liked the look of both the Peugeot Partner and Peugeot Rifter that we had for sale. From the dimensions given to us, we showed the customer both a Peugeot Partner and Peugeot Rifter and decided that both would be suitable. Fortunately, I know the owners of Wilmott Mobility so I contacted them, and it was decided that they would bring the mobility scooter over the following day to make sure it would definitely fit in either vehicle as neither of us wanted the embarrassment if it didn’t. As you can see from the pictures below the Rascal Vecta Sport Compact fitted comfortably in both a Peugeot Partner and Peugeot Rifter. I have also sold a Citroen Berlingo to a customer who owned a Rascal Vecta Sport Compact and it fitted. 

8 MPH Electric Mobility Vecta Sport Compact Mobility Scooter
Key Features. 

The Electric Mobility Vecta Sport is a stylish compact 8mph road scooter. It has a high power high torque 600 Watt motor and a limited slip differential gearbox for maximum grip. It has exceptional legroom, an adjustable tiller, and a comfortable seat. The easy-to-use showerproof dash panels even has a USB power output, ideal for keeping your mobile charged. 


  • Type Class – C / 3
  • Overall length – 132cm / 52”
  • Overall width – 60cm / 23.6”
  • Maximum carrying capacity – 160kgs / 25 stone.
  • Maximum speed – 12.87km/h / 8mph
  • Maximum kerb height – 10cm / 4”
  • Range – up to 44km / 27.3 miles
  • “RunOn” Run flat pneumatic tyres.
  • Colour – Atomic Red / Cobalt Blue 

8MPH Mobility Scooter Compact to Fit Mobility Cars

We do not sell mobility scooters but if you are interested in purchasing a Rascal Vecta Sport compact then I would be happy to recommend Wilmott Mobility in Yatton as they have helped many of customers over the years with their mobility scooter needs.

Where can I buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle to carry a
mobility scooter

If you are looking to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle suitable for transporting a mobility scooter then please do get in contact with us. At Michael Harraway Cars we always have a large selection of wheelchair accessible vehicle available in stock and are always on hand to offer help and advice and to discuss your individual requirements. We are based on the outskirts of Weston super Mare in the small village of Banwell. Situated on the main A371 and less then 10 minutes from Junction 21 of M5.