Peugeot Horizon Bristol, Bath and Somerset

What is a Peugeot Horizon?

One question I get asked every week is, what is a Peugeot Horizon? Well, a Peugeot Horizon is a Peugeot Partner Tepee or since 2019 a Peugeot Rifter that has been adapted by a company called Allied Mobility so that a wheelchair passenger can access and travel within the vehicle whilst remaining in their wheelchair. This type of vehicle is often referred to as a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. The name Horizon is given by Allied Mobility to the vehicle to identify it within the range of wheelchair accessible vehicles that they offer.

Peugeot Horizon Bristol, Bath and Somerset. Wheelchair accessible vehicle Mobility car

What is different about a Peugeot Horizon?

A Peugeot Horizon starts out as a normal Peugeot Partner or Peugeot Rifter. However, to make it suitable for a wheelchair passenger certain modifications need to be made to the vehicle before it can be badged a Horizon. Without getting into too much technical detail these modifications include lowering of the rear floor section to increase the head height needed for a wheelchair passenger. The installation of Allied Mobility’s unique rear ramp allows the wheelchair passenger to board the vehicle. The installation of a four-point wheelchair restraint system to secure the wheelchair whilst in transit. Plus, the installation of an electric wheelchair winch to assist with the wheelchair boarding if required. The Peugeot Horizon is available in a range of different seating options depending on your needs. The most common versions are either the three seats plus wheelchair that consists of two front seats and a single rear seat that is alongside the wheelchair passenger. The other version is the slightly more versatile five seat model that can be used as either a standard five seat car with no wheelchair passenger or a three seats plus wheelchair passenger. This is achieved by simply folding up two of the rear seats to make room for the wheelchair. These models are often badged Horizon RE for the three seat version and Horizon RS for the five seat version. Other versions include a basic two seat version with no rear seats and a four seat model that comprises of two front and two slim rear seats with space for the wheelchair in between.

Peugeot Horizon Bristol, Bath and Somerset. Wheelchair accessible vehicle Mobility car

My insurance company do not recognize a Peugeot Horizon.

Having sold many Peugeot Partner Horizon we frequently get customers contacting us saying that their insurance company does not list a Peugeot Partner/Rifter Horizon on their database. When this happens, our advice is to ask the insurance company or if you are doing it online to manually enter the vehicle details as it was prior to the conversion. In most cases, the Peugeot Partner Horizon is based upon a Peugeot Partner Tepee S or a Peugeot Partner Active from 2015. The Peugeot Rifter Horizon is usually based on a Peugeot Rifter Allure. The vehicle seller should be able to confirm the exact detail. When arranging insurance it is important to tell them that the vehicle has been adapted into a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV.)

Peugeot Horizon Bristol, Bath and Somerset. Wheelchair accessible vehicle Mobility car

Is a Peugeot Horizon made by Peugeot?

No, a Peugeot Horizon is produced by Allied Mobility who are a specialist wheelchair accessible vehicle manufacturer. Although Peugeot manufacture the base vehicle of either a Peugeot Partner Tepee or a Peugeot Rifter (2019 onwards) these are supplied new to Allied Mobility where they get adapted into wheelchair accessible vehicles and then badged a Horizon.

Where can I buy a used Peugeot Horizon wheelchair accessible vehicle in Bristol, Bath or Somerset?

Here at Michael Harraway Cars, we sell a range of quality used wheelchair accessible vehicles including Peugeot Horizons. The majority of our used WAV are ex Motability vehicles so are mostly one owner low mileage vehicles with a full-service history. You can view our current stock of used wheelchair accessible vehicles at www. or if you’d prefer you can contact us on 01934 820077 to discuss your requirements. We are based in the village of Banwell on the outskirts of Weston super Mare. We offer part exchange and even arrange delivery to your door.