Founded on the principles of trust, quality, and unparalleled customer service, Michael Harraway Cars began its journey with a clear mission: to provide superior quality, pre-loved wheelchair accessible vehicles to those in need.The company is celebrating 20 years of business in 2025.

Our company’s ethos, centred on enhancing mobility and independence for its customers, has been the driving force behind its success and longevity. Mobility is imperative for maintaining independence, and having the right vehicle can make a huge difference in providing the ability to travel around safely and in comfort.

We find that the Peugeot Partner is a really popular choice for our customers, for more information on used mobility cars currently for sale, check out our website listings.

Pre Owned WAV Cars and Used Mobility Vehicle Dealership; our Guarantee of Quality and Service from Somerset to the South Coast

WAV Cars- Wheelchair Accessible Cars have slightly differing features depending on the mobility of the driver. Michael Harraway Cars stands out as a champion for accessibility, quality, and compassionate service. Its story is not just about selling cars; it’s about enabling freedom, enhancing lives, and building lasting relationships within the community it serves.

A WAV allows wheelchair users to remain in their wheelchair and be securely loaded into the vehicle. This eliminates the need to transfer out of the wheelchair. For those who can no longer transfer or whose carers cannot assist with transfers, a WAV could be the ideal option. Over 28,000 Motability customers across the UK value the independence WAVs provide.

Above and Beyond with Live Video Calls from the Forecourt

Used WAV Citroen Berlingo Bristol Wheelchair Cars Peugeot Partner Somerset Volkswagen Caddy Automatic Vehicles Cornwall Diesel Ford Grand Tourneo DevonAs a small independent car dealership, Michael Harraway Cars has established itself as notable friend in the local community, offering a personal touch that is often missing in larger corporations. His dedication to providing superior customer support is evident in every interaction, servicing customers as far afield as the South coast of England!

One of the benefits is booking live video calls mobile-to-mobile so potential clients can view cars on the forecourt, from their home hundreds of miles away.

Wheelchair Adaptations – Mechanic Checks

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs) feature a range of adaptations designed to make travel easier and more comfortable for individuals with mobility challenges.

The most common adaptations include ramps or lifts for wheelchair access, wheelchair tie-downs and securement systems, lowered floors to increase interior headroom, and swivel seats for easier access.

Checking and verifying that all wheelchair adaptations are in full working order is crucial for ensuring the safety and convenience of the user. This process involves testing the functionality of lifts and ramps, inspecting the condition and security of tie-downs, and ensuring that any electronic components related to the adaptations are fully operational.

This thorough verification process not only ensures compliance with safety standards but also instills confidence in the buyer that their mobility needs are fully supported.

Healthy and Dependable Running – Engine Oil and Filter Replacement

In the UK, keeping a vehicle in a roadworthy condition is a legal requirement, and neglecting engine maintenance can lead to fines, penalty points, or even disqualification from driving.

Replacing the engine oil and filter if the last change exceeds 3,000 miles or 6 months is vital for maintaining vehicle longevity and ensuring compliance with UK road safety and legal requirements.

Fresh oil lubricates and cools the engine’s moving parts, reducing wear and tear, while a new filter captures harmful debris that could damage the engine. This maintenance is essential for preventing breakdowns, ensuring the vehicle operates efficiently, and reducing harmful emissions, contributing to environmental protection.

Used WAV Citroen Berlingo Bristol Wheelchair Cars Peugeot Partner Somerset Volkswagen Caddy 79

Customer Trust and Confidence through MOT and Key Supply

Supplying every vehicle with a minimum of 9 months MOT and providing 2 x keys are practices rooted in building trust and offering peace of mind to all Michael Harraway customers.

The MOT test verifies that a vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards, which is essential for both legal compliance and customer confidence. A valid MOT certificate assures buyers of the vehicle’s safety and reliability.

The MH Cars commitment to convenience and security enables owners to have a spare or share the vehicle within their household by supplying two keys with every vehicle.

Professional Valeting for Aesthetics and Protection

A professional interior and exterior valet ensures that every used car not only performs well but looks good and smells fresh.

Different cleaning methods are tailored to specific parts of the vehicle: tyres and wheel hubs are cleaned to remove brake dust and road grime; bumpers and the exterior are washed and waxed to protect the paintwork; glass windscreen and windows are polished for clarity and safety.

Sea Salt and Corrosion Care: The vehicle underbelly, especially important in coastal areas of England, is cleaned to remove salt and prevent corrosion. Salt from coastal air can accelerate rust formation, compromising vehicle integrity and safety. A comprehensive valet addresses and enhances the vehicle’s appearance, preserving its condition, and ultimately contributing to maintaining a healthy resale value.

Used WAV Citroen Berlingo Bristol Wheelchair Cars Peugeot Partner Somerset Volkswagen Caddy 4