VW Caddy Maxi Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

The Volkswagen Caddy Maxi is a fantastic wheelchair accessible vehicle, it can offer seating for up to five people including the driver plus space for a wheelchair passenger or mobility scooter. However, I have recently purchased a VW Caddy Maxi that is slightly different. It only has four seats, two in the front followed by two in the rear. In between the rear seats runs a huge lower extended floor for the wheelchair passenger or mobility scooter that runs from the rear of the vehicle right up to the back of the rear seats.  

Wheelchair Accessible Car VW Caddy Maxi Boot Bristol Used Cars

VW Caddy Max Dimensions for Wheelchair Area.

  • Length – 200 cm up to winch
  • Ramp Width – 80 cm
  • Entry Height – 147 cm
  • Width between Rear Seats – 56 cm 

Extended Floor VW Caddy Maxi Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.

What makes this type of adapted VW Caddy Maxi so special is the amount of room that is available in the wheelchair area. This extra length is ideal for those who do not want the burden of having a larger van style wheelchair accessible vehicle but need the extra length to accommodate a larger electric wheelchair or larger 8 mph mobility scooter or maybe just need some additional luggage space for any extra equipment that needs to be carried. Also depending on their size I think there is a possible room to squeeze two small 4 mph mobility scooters in or maybe a standard size wheelchair and a small mobility scooter. This could be a very useful feature when for example both a husband and wife need the assistance of a mobility scooter and need to transport them between locations. Plus you still have seating for up to four people including the driver, this is something that would not be possible in a smaller wheelchair accessible vehicle.  

VW Caddy Maxi Interior Wheelchair Accessible Car For Sale Bristol, Bath

VW Caddy Maxi WAV .

Although the VW Caddy Maxi might be similar in length to something like a Peugeot Expert its overall dimensions are certainly less making it feel a lot less bulky to drive and manoeuvre certain with an urban environment. Also being lower to the ground, getting in and out of the vehicle should be a lot easier, something that can be problematic with the larger wheelchair accessible vehicles.  The ride quality is good and feels more like a car than a van when inside. Most VW Caddy Maxi have a diesel engine and depending on its age will either be a 1.6 TDi or the later cars a 2.0 TDi engine. There is a petrol engine version available but at the time of writing this, they are very rare. Either engine choice is available with a manual or Automatic gearbox. 

VW Caddy Maxi Exterior With Ramp Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles WAV UK

Automotive Group VW Caddy Maxi WAV.

As I’ve said in many previous blog posts Volkswagen do not make wheelchair accessible vehicles. These are made by specialist companies who take a base vehicle and then adapted it so that it is wheelchair accessible. In the case of this Volkswagen Caddy Maxi referred to in this post it was adapted by a company called Automotive Group who are based in Newcastle. Having sold many wheelchair accessible vehicles that have been adapted by the Automotive Group I have always been impressed by the quality finish of their vehicles and this Volkswagen Caddy Maxi is no exception. Like most Automotive Group vehicles the rear wheelchair area is lined with carpet giving it a cosier feel. I know some of you reading this may disagree with the carpet and say it is not as practical as the solid floors but as with anything there are always pros and cons, but I think it’s a nice touch.

Is a VW Caddy Maxi a good Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

The VW Caddy Maxi 4 Seat may not suit everyone’s needs but in my opinion, it delivers a perfect middle ground between the compact and large wheelchair accessible Vehicles. It drives more like a car than a van, it is easy to get in and out and offers plenty of space for a variety of different needs. For me, this makes this vehicle a serious contender for those looking to buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Also, this vehicle could be a perfect vehicle for those customers looking to buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle to transport bikes in. 


Where can I buy a Used Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

If you are in the market for a four seat VW Caddy Maxi or any other wheelchair accessible vehicle, then please do check out our current stock list on our website http://www.michaelharrawaycars.co.uk or if you would prefer you can contact us on 01934 820077 to discuss your requirement. We are located in the small village of Banwell on the outskirts of Weston Super Mare in North Somerset. Most of our vehicles are one owner ex mobility vehicles that are low mileage and have a full-service history.