Carrying a Wheelchair Passenger in a Car

For anyone who has every found themselves in a position whereby they need to transport a person in wheelchair in a vehicle this can be a daunting prospect.

2 Popular Questions:

  • If I get them into car what do I with the wheelchair?
  • Are they confined to a wheelchair and are unable to get into a normal car – can they travel while still in their wheelchair?
  • The good news is both are possible.

If the wheelchair passenger can transfer from their wheelchair into the vehicle as normal, then it might be a simple question of doing this and putting the wheelchair in the boot of vehicle and off you go.

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Adapted Cars and Vehicles for Wheelchair Accessibility and Travel

If this is not possible or the thought of transferring the wheelchair passenger to a normal seat and putting their wheelchair in the boot fills you with dread then the easiest solution is to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle. These are traditional vehicles that have been adapted by a specialist company to allow for wheelchair passenger to easily access and travel in a vehicle safely while remaining in their wheelchair.

The procedure for putting a wheelchair passenger into your wheelchair accessible vehicle is very simple and with a little bit of practice should only take a few minutes complete. Below is a brief description of what is required.

How to load a wheelchair passenger into a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

  1. Open Tailgate
  2. Lower rear ramp.
  3. Align wheelchair at bottom of ramp facing forward.
  4. If fitted to vehicle and required attach winch to front of wheelchair
  5. Push, drive or activate winch to bring wheelchair up the ramp and into vehicle.
  6. Apply brakes on wheelchair.
  7. Attach the front and rear wheelchair restraints.
  8. Put the dedicated seat belt around the wheelchair passenger.
  9. Fold up ramp.
  10.  Close tailgate.
  11.  Drive off and begin your journey.

There are different makes and models of wheelchair accessible to choose from in various sizes, but many are based on MPV type vehicles such as Citroen Berlingo Peugeot Partners, or VW Caddy Maxi and are available in both manual and automatic transmission.  So, the good news is you are not limited to a one style fits all when it comes to deciding on a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Adaptations for carrying a wheelchair in a car or vehicle

Another nice thing about these adapted vehicles is they look pretty much the same as the standard vehicle that they are based upon. A lot of the adaptions are not visual from the outside, so unless you have a trained eye you many not even know the vehicle has been modified for a wheelchair passenger. They will also drive the same as the standard vehicle with all the comfort and convenience features you have been used to such as Air Conditioning, Power steering, Electric Windows etc.

Many people still purchase wheelchair accessible vehicles even though the wheelchair passenger can transfer into the vehicle as normal. The reason being that they find lifting the wheelchair into the boot very awkward or in some situation not possible. A wheelchair hoist can be fitted to existing cars these hoist are quite expensive to fit and some people find them quite cumbersome to use, so the ramp option offered in a wheelchair accessible vehicle is far easier and quicker with the added advantage that should the wheelchair users condition deteriorate and can no longer transfer then they can still use the vehicle for their needs, some people call this future proofing.

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