What’s the best vehicle to transport a mobility scooter?

The fundamental design of a wheelchair accessible vehicle with its fold down rear ramp and large internal area it makes the perfect vehicle for a variety of different uses. We published an article Which are the best WAV car manufacturers? a little while ago.

Over the years I have sold many used WAV vehicles to customers who use them for all sorts of things including transporting push bike, motorbikes and even dogs. But by far the most popular alternative use is for transporting a mobility scooter, and if I am honest, it probably accounts for 25% of my sales.

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By far the best and easiest way to transport a mobility scooter is to buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Just because the vehicle is called a wheelchair accessible vehicle or wav it does not mean it cannot be used for other purposes. Read more about the Click and Collect a WAV Car offer that’s currently live, call for details and free, friendly advice on 01934 820077 or send a message online today.

How To Transport A Mobility Scooter in a WAV Car

It is all very well having the trendiest mobility scooter at home. But what happens when you what to go somewhere further than your local area. You may a be able to drive to the next town or even the other side of the county but what happens when you get there. Your mobility is limited and you wish you had your mobility scooter, but you left it at home because you cannot get it into your car.

But getting it into your is car is not easy and anyone who owns a mobility scooter will know how heavy these are and trying to lift one into your boot in many cases in near on impossible.  Yes, I know you can have a hoist fitted to your existing vehicle to lift it in and out, but the hassle involved in trying to attach the straps and then operating the hoist and maneuvering the scooter into your car without damaging either your car or mobility scooter can be tricky, time consuming and made even worst when it is wet and windy. Also, most cars can only accommodate small mobility scooters.

So, what are your other options? well you can buy a mobility scooter than comes apart and yes this does make putting it in your car much easier but again it is still a lot of hassle to keep assembling and disassembling your scooter every time you what to go out. Again, this is even worst when it is wet and windy. Can you image having to go to three separate places in one day how many times you would have the take your scooter apart.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles: Safely use a tailgate and ramp to drive the mobility scooter

How do I get the mobility scooter into the back of the car or WAV vehicle?

  1. Drive up to the vehicle open the tailgate lower the rear ramp and drive or push the scooter in
  2. Attach the wheelchair restraints to secure the scooter
  3. Close the ramp, shut tailgate
  4. Get in the vehicle and drive off

Some people stay on the mobility scooter and drive in the vehicle, then twist the seat 180 degrees and step off the scooter and walk down the ramp.

Others prefer to stand beside or behind the scooter and operated the scooters controls to drive it in the vehicle or even reverse it in. It is just a case of doing what works best for you.

Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Partner WAV Cars Carry Passengers

A wheelchair accessible vehicle such as Citroen Berlingo or Peugeot Partner will usually allow you to carry up to 3 people and your mobility scooter.

However depending on the size of your mobility scooter partially the width you may be able to increase the seating to 4 passengers plus you mobility scooter if you purchase a Peugeot Partner or Citroen that has either 4 seats (2 front + 2 rear) or 5 seats (2 front + 3 rear).

Remember, it is important that if you buy a 5 seat model you buy the one with 3 individual rear seats so you can fold the center seat up to allow room for the scooter to squeeze in between. Unfortunately, this feature seems to have disappeared on some of the later Peugeot Partners registered after 2016.

The pictures below show a Citroen Berlingo 3 seats + Mobility Scooter (left picture) and a Peugeot Partner 5 Seat with center seat folded up providing 4 seats plus space for the mobility scooter (right picture) – Notice the width difference?

What Size Mobility Scooter Can I Fit into a WAV Vehicle? 4mph 6mph

This will depend on what wheelchair accessible vehicle have and who has converted it but as a rule something the size of a Citroen Berlingo or Peugeot Partner can easily accommodated a 4 mph or 6 mph mobility scooter.

Some 8 mph will fit, I recently sold a Peugeot Partner to a customer who owned Kymco Maxi XLS and this just fitted. But if you have one of those larger 8 mph off-road type then you would need a larger vehicle such as a Peugeot Expert this would offer approximately 180 cm length for the mobility scooter.

Kymco Maxi XLS 8mph Mobility Scooter in a Peugeot Partner WAV

Where can I buy a used wheelchair accessible vehicle?

If you are looking for wheelchair accessible vehicle suitable to transport a mobility scooter then please do get in contact with us.

At Michael Harraway Cars we always have a large selection of wheelchair accessible vehicle available in stock and are always on hand to offer help and advice and to discuss your individual requirements. View all Used WAV Cars and Vehicles for sale in Bristol and Somerset.

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