Wheelchair Ramps for Vehicles Bristol

A key feature of any wheelchair accessible is the rear wheelchair ramp, this vital component allows the wheelchair passenger to gain easy access to within the vehicle. Although all wheelchair ramps serve the same purpose not all ramps are the same and some have certain unique features that could be beneficial for certain customers. Below I have listed three of the common wheelchair accessible vehicle manufacturers and ramps combinations that you will usually see fitted to smaller wheelchair accessible vehicles such as Peugeot Partners, Citroen Berlingo, Ford Tourneo Connect etc.

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Fold Flat Wheelchair Ramp – Allied Vehicles

The fold flat ramp, also known as the FlexiFold wheelchair ramp is a very unique and clever wheelchair access ramp. The ramp was designed by Allied Vehicles in 2010 and although the design has been modified since 2010 the principles are still the same and this type of ramp is fitted as standard to most of the new wheelchair accessible vehicles that Allied Vehicles offer. 

What sets this ramp apart from other vehicle wheelchair ramps is when you are not carrying a wheelchair then the ramp can be folded into the vehicle to create a flat boot floor. This can be particularly useful for those that also use the vehicle as a traditional car and require a conventional boot to carry items such as shopping or luggage. 

The fold flat ramp has a low gentle gradient that makes it easier for the wheelchair passenger to enter and exit the vehicle. Also the ramp is shorter than some other ramps found on other vehicles, meaning you need less clear space behind the vehicle that can be helpful when parking. 

Since this ramp is unique to Allied Vehicle’s if you are looking for a used wav vehicle with a fold flat ramp then it is important to only look at vehicles that have been adapted by them. 



Bi Fold Wheelchair Ramp – Automotive Group.

The Bi fold ramp that is usually fitted to a wheelchair accessible vehicle that has been adapted by the Automotive Group is probably the lightest and easiest to operate when compared to other similarly designed ramps. Simply pull the latch to the unlock position, grab the handles on the side of the ramp and walk backwards and the ramp effortlessly unfolds creating a very sturdy ramp with a 400KG Safe Working Load (SWL) and a practical none slip finish.

The advantages of having a bi fold ramp system are twofold. Firstly it allows for a longer length ramp to be fitted. A longer ramp offers a shallower gradient but requires more space behind the vehicle which can sometimes prove difficult, so longer isn’t always better. However, the length of this wheelchair ramp in my opinion offers a good balance between the gradient and the space needed.

Secondly, because the ramp is fundamentally folded in half when it is in the upright travel position the fold is below the rear window therefore not obstructing the vision out of the rear of the vehicle. Also in some Automotive Group WAV vehicles when the ramp is stowed if required you can still attach the parcel shelf. This feature can be particularly useful in the five-seat variants where the vehicle may not always be used to transport a wheelchair and having the security of a covered boot area is an advantage.

Bi Fold Wheelchair Ramp – G M Coachworks WAV.

The great thing about the ramps that are fitted to many GM Coachworks wheelchair accessible vehicle is the ramp length. The longer the ramp the shallower the gradient and the advantage of this is it makes pushing a wheelchair passenger into the vehicle much easier compared to a shorter ramp. The biggest criticism I have of this ramp is that due to its length, it is also the heaviest to operate.

However, that does not mean it should be avoided when looking to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle as it is a very simple practical ramp that gets the job done. All I am saying is that if you have poor strength then some of the other ramps might be a better option. 

But its weakness is also its strength because it is the simplest ramp out of the three. Unlike the other ramps listed, it has no additional dampers that are used to make it lighter. Although the dampers do help make the ramp lighter they do fail and need to be replaced periodically and should these fail without warning you can be left with a very heavy ramp. 

Which vehicle wheelchair ramp is best?

All these wheelchair ramps are good, and they all do the job that they were designed to do. Trying to say which one is best is difficult because the best ramp for one may not be the best ramp for another. So when it comes to choosing the best, it is really down to your individual requirements and your personal preference. For example, if having a wheelchair accessible vehicle with the option of a flat boot floor is high on your list of priorities then the Allied Vehicles Flexifold is the one for you. If however, having a lighter ramp is more important, then perhaps buying an Automotive Group wheelchair accessible vehicle with the Bi Fold ramp fitted might be the best for you. My advice is always to try before you buy. 

Where to buy a vehicle with a wheelchair ramp?

If you are looking to buy a used vehicle with a wheelchair ramp, then we take you though the customer journey. Established in 2005, Michael Harraway takes great pride in the quality and preparation of every WAV car that’s sold, and no car will leave the premises unless we are 100% satisfied with it. Our client base is throughout Bristol, Bath, South Wales, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and the whole of the South West UK. We stock a range of quality, low mileage used wheelchair accessible vehicles from the leading manufacturers. Most are one owner ex motability vehicles with a full-service history. We are always on hand to offer help and advice and guarantee no pressure. Located in the small village of Banwell on the outskirts of Weston super Mare North Somerset and only a short drive from junction 21 of the M5.

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