What Cars Can Take A Wheelchair? What Manufacturers Are Best?

What makes of cars are available as wheelchair accessible vehicles is a popular question from our customer base.

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On the road today you will see many different makes and models of cars in a range of different sizes and styles with every manufacture trying to offer something for everyone. Unfortunately, there are not as many wheelchair accessible vehicles to choose from.

However new car manufacturers such as Peugeot or Volkswagen do not produce an off-the-shelf wheelchair accessible vehicle that you can purchase from your local dealers’ showroom.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are built by specialist companies that carefully select an existing vehicle to use as base, this base vehicle is then adapted to become a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Only certain models are selected to be adapted, since not every vehicle would be suitable for carrying a wheelchair passenger. Could you imagine trying to convert a Mazda MX5 or a Fiat 500 to carry a person in a wheelchair?

List of car manufactures that are suitable for wheelchair accessible vehicles

While other makes may be available, these are the most popular ones that we offer at Michael Harraway Cars.

  1. Citroen
  2. Fiat
  3. Ford
  4. Kia
  5. Nissan
  6. Peugeot
  7. Renault
  8. Seat
  9. Skoda
  10. Vauxhall
  11. Volkswagen

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Cars and vehicles that can be converted into a wheelchair accessible vehicle

Due to their size and shape some vehicles have a natural advantage to be converted such as MPV Vehicles, these are ideal vehicles because they offer a large amount of internal space to accommodate a wheelchair user without the need to carry out major structural changes to the shape/size of the vehicle. Popular vehicles that are used to be adapted are Peugeot Partner, Citroen Berlingo, VW Caddy Maxi, Peugeot Expert.

What is modified on the vehicle?
The conversion process various depending on vehicle being converted and the type wheelchair accessible vehicle required. See our previous blog on different types wheelchair accessible vehicle. Also, some companies focus more on certain types of wheelchair accessible vehicles such as a drive from wheelchair and wheelchair passenger up front.
The conversion will often involve lowering a section of vehicle’s floor to increase the headroom room for the wheelchair passenger. The installation of either a rear fold down ramp or on larger vehicles an electric wheelchair lift to allow wheelchair access into the vehicle. A restraint system will be added to secure the wheelchair and passenger safely during transit and other useful accessories such as an electric winch to assist in the loading of the wheelchair maybe also be fitted if specified.
Are these vehicle converters all the same?
Usually, wheelchair vehicle manufacturers follow a similar theme and offer comparable vehicles to each other all be it with slightly different design elements. But they all achieve the same result and that is to be able to safely transport someone in a wheelchair.
You will find that different companies seem to base their conversions on certain makes of vehicle and don’t chop and change for example the Citroen Berlingo and Peugeot Partner are basically the same vehicle and share the same body but the vehicle converter will generally only use one of these.

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