Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Trouble Shooting Guide

Having sold many wheelchair accessible vehicles over the years I get to see some common technical difficulties that customers experience with their WAV Vehicles. So, I thought I would list three of the most common problems that I receive calls for and tell you how you can hopefully overcome them in this Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Trouble Shooting Guide. If you have an issue not covered below please contact us for expert help. 

Can’t open the tailgate on a Peugeot Partner or Citroen Berlingo

If the car is unlocked and all the doors open apart from the tailgate, then a common reason for this is because on some Peugeot Partner and Citroen Berlingo models the rear glass screen in the tailgate can be opened independently from the tailgate. However, to avoid damage, the glass screen and tailgate cannot be opened simultaneously. So, if the glass screen has been unlocked the tailgate will not open. If the tailgate will not open firstly you need to make sure that the glass screen is in the closed position. To do this I recommend holding on to the rear wiper arm and try pulling it towards yourself. If the glass screen opens, then lift the screen a little and then push it back towards the tailgate until it is closed. When the glass screen is closed correctly it will not open when you pull on the rear wiper arm. Once you are satisfied that the glass screen is closed then try opening the tailgate as normal using the center release button and all being well it should open. 

So why was the glass screen unlocked? under the trim above the number plate where the tailgate release button there are two buttons. The one in the center is for opening the tailgate and the one on right is for the glass screen. What often happens is people press the righthand button by mistake thinking it is the release for the tailgate when in fact it is the release for the glass screen, and then get into a panic because they cannot open the tailgate. 

Due to the number calls we have received about this we now demonstrate this opening glass screen and tailgate issue to every customer when they take delivery of their new vehicle. 

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Both Front Electric Wheelchair Restraints Will Not Release And The Red Light On The Switch Isn’t Illuminated.

This seems to happen more frequently on a Citroen Berlingo than Peugeot Partners this could be because they are often converted by different companies and perhaps operate in a slightly different way. So, if you find that the front electric wheelchair restraint will not release the first thing to check is the isolator pin switch.  The pin switch is usually located about halfway up between the top of the rear light cluster and the tailgate hinge. Once you have found the pin switch if you carefully hold it with your fingers and give it a little wiggle and if you can look at the electric wheelchair restraint release button at the same time, hopefully, you will see the red light is now illuminated and you should find the electric wheelchair restraints will then release, this usually works 9/10 times. If the wheelchair restraint still does not release and the red light is not illuminated, then the next step is to check the fuse. The fuse for electric wheelchair restraint reels is normally situated by the battery in either a small separate fuse holder that simply comes apart to check the fuse or the red auxiliary fuse box located on top of the battery. Unfortunately, these are Midi Strip Link type fuses and without using either a test light or voltmeter it is impossible to see if they have blown so you may have to take it to your local garage or auto electrician to have them checked if you do not have access to the correct tools.  

It is worth mentioning that if only one of the electric wheelchair restraints is released then it is most likely going to be a fault with either the electric wheelchair restraint reel itself or with the wiring going to it and not the fuse or pin switch as discussed earlier.  

One Of The Front Electric Wheelchair Restraint Will Not Release.

If you find that only one of the electric wheelchair restraint reels isn’t releasing a common issue is whereby it has jammed. This can occur when the restraint has been allowed to retract unaided usually when someone has just let go of the webbing instead of slowing feeding it back into the housing. 

The first thing to check is that the electrical supply plug for the restraint is still connected you can do this by locating the wiring as it leaves the reels and following it back about 15 cm until you find the connecting plug it is usually wrapped in tape so it should be fine, but it is worth checking the simple things first. The next step is a little more technical and will require the use of some tools but can easily be completed by a competent DIYer. Firstly, disconnect the plug that you checked previously. The next step is to remove the electric wheelchair restraint reel this is done by undoing the fixing located at the rear of the reel, it makes it easier if you slide the front seat all the way forward first. 

With the reel removed if you turn it upside down and you should see 4 x screws, undo these and remove the cover. Once the cover is removed you should be able to see the webbing reel and mechanism inside. If you look closely, you may notice that webbing has folded over itself causing the mechanism to jam. If you can carefully unfold the webbing so that it is flat again and reverse the removal procedure and hopefully it will then work. 

If the webbing isn’t jammed, then it is likely that the wheelchair restraint reels have failed electrical but before you go ordering a replacement it would be wise to check that you have a power supply to it. The easiest way to check is to disconnect the plug and using either a test light or voltmeter check to see if you have voltage. If you have a power supply to the reel it is mostly that the reel has failed and require replacing. If you have no power being supplied to the reel then the most likely faulty wiring and will require investigating further. 

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